Total Nuts II

As the wise saying:
“Never underestimate Stupidity”

It is that simple but yet it has proved again and again to be the case.
Stupidity knows no boundaries, it creates insanity.

As per Total Nuts episode I, below for details:
Total Nuts I

I’d again let the numbers talk and avoid the bias of qualitative factors.


Total Nuts

At times, when something is too obvious, it is seldom as it seems to be.
When something is too good to be true, it is rarely true.

However, this writing is about an obvious case of total nuts, to me personally as well.
But it could also be that my eyes and mind are playing trick on me! Ahh!!
For that, I’d love to standby to stand corrected.

To reduce human (yours truly) misjudgement, this round, I’d mostly let the numbers do the talk and hope you‘d come to your own senses.

The actors this round are TOTL and TOPS.

For clarity:
TOTL is Total Bangun Persada
TOPS is Totalindo Eka Persada

From their name, it may seem that they are related (perhaps brothers from the same parent) but AFAIK, they are NOT.
Except that, the founder of TOPS used to work in TOTL for several years.